Thursday, August 10, 2006

Prophecy 20

Prophecy 20

And lo, the great one shall be mightily lazy.
He shall not update his blog.
The masses shall wander hopeless.
Despair shall prevail.
The faithful shall turn away.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Prophecy 19

Prophecy 19

And, Lo, the man shall say,
"Where is my banana?"
None shall answer him,
for none shall know where his banana has gone.
Only the banana itself shall know.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Prophecy 18

Prophecy 18

A voice shall cry out from the Heavens.
A new friend shall be met.
The frightened masses shall run riot,
But peace shall be restored.
A new day will dawn.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Prophecies 16 & 17

Prophecy 16

And it shall come to pass
That in the Final Days
A man with tow heads
Shall wear three hats
And all shall know fear.

Prophecy 17

And, lo, an angel shall speak,
And he shall bear a book and a key,
But what he says men shall not understand,
For their minds will be as the minds of sheep,
And they will not take what is offered.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Prophecies 1-15

Prophecy 1

The Beast that lies upon the head
Of He who buildeth the city
Shall make it's voice heard.
All shall bow before it.
Armies shall fall before its might.

Prophecy 2

In the sixth age of Idolatry
Great contention shall arise
Between the Son of Albion
And Dances With Cats.
The Dark One shall not intervene.

Prophecy 3

In the days of the End
That which was Free shall be caged
Ad Wisdom itself shall perish.
Greed shall be the cause
And it shall destroy the world.

Prophecy 4

Those who hunger for Salvation
Shall war against Enlightenment.
Both sides shall despise each other.
Separated, they will weaken the fabric.
Alone, they will be but empty shells.

Prophecy 5

The Great Beast shall rise up.
It shall have the head of a goat,
The tail of a goat,
And the body of a goat,
But a goat it shall not be.

Prophecy 6

The Forest of Holy
Shall be bereft of fruit.
The Priests of that place
Shall be without divine guidance.
Their work shall be as dust.

Prophecy 7

Love shall come from a foreign land.
She shall bring peace to a troubled soul.
There shall be much rejoicing
When the two are as one.
Great difficulty shall be overcome.

Prophecy 8

A cry in the night.
Blood shall pour.
A light put out.
A darkness falls.
A great one is ended.

Prophecy 9

The Peacock struts.
Kings bow down.
The oxen bellow.
Kingdoms fall.
The peas shall be planted all the same.

Prophecy 10

A great and Evil man.
Many shall follow his lead.
Madness shall sweep the Globe.
The Silent One shall follow
And Gather up the fallen.

Prophecy 11

That which was shall be again.
That which will be shall have been.
The dead shall rise.
The living shall fall.
The cycle continues.

Prophecy 12
The son of the Leader
Shall be Leader in turn.
Through foolishness and chicanery,
Shall he gain power,
But his foolishness shall be his downfall.

Prophecy 13

The Orb of Power shall rise to a great hight.
One shall gather in its reward.
She shall bring light into the dark.
Much gladness shall she bring.
She shall go to dust before her time.

Prophecy 14

They shall be Thirteen in number,
And they shall be One in mind.
They shall know all,
But they shall be known to none.
Beware of them, for they serve the Beast.

Prophecy 15

In the days of Yog,
The Seas shall rise,
The lands shall sink beneath the waves,
Clouds shall blot out the sun,
And the world shall be a tomb.